Police, Taxi & Vehicle Decontamination

  • Vehicle Contamination
    Often violent activities occur in vehicles and can be a gruesome sight as due to environmental factors, biological decomposition is often accelerated inside the vehicle due to the large amount of body fluids being released. Proper recovery of the fluids and sanitizing the fabrics are key to restoring the vehicle to a useable state. Good odour remediation is also important.
  • To properly remove biohazardous material from vehicles it is sometimes necessary to remove seats, disassemble upholstery and cut out carpeting. We always consult with the owner before proceeding with major work that may require liasing with insurance companies
  • Taxi & Police Vehicle Decontamination
    Public transport vehicles are particularly susceptible to odour problems. Blood, Vomit, Urine and other body fluids if not cleaned properly will cause the vehicle to smell and the biohazardous material would always be in the car