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How much do you charge?

The determination of the cost of a job involves several factors. The biggest factors are how many technicians will be required to complete the job, how long will it take and how much waste is to be disposed of. As a rough guide, depending on the situation we charge between $80 and $145 per hour for each technician on site - sometimes it is more economic to have 2 people especially if there is any lifting involved. We charge for disposable gloves and suits and any chemicals and cleaning supplies we use also. Just as a auto mechanic needs to see your car before determining the cost of repairs we also need to assess the situation to give you an accurate price. In many cases insurance companies will cover these expenses.

How fast can you respond to a request?

In most cases our response time is two hours or less. We are happy to accommodate other tradespeople and work around your requirements.

Where does all the waste go?

Various licenced medical waste disposal facilities are used to ensure compliance with all health regulations. In most cases waste is double bagged prior to disposal.