Meth / P Labs

  • Decontamination of Meth Labs
    Clandestine Drug Labs contain numerous toxic chemical residues, some of which can cause severe birth defects. If a meth lab is not decontaminated in a proper and methodical manner by trained experts with the correct equipment, the toxic residues may still remain or leach out of household surfaces for years. Some chemicals released during meth production easily absorb into porous building materials. Even septic tanks and surrounding soil can be contaminated.
  • Using internationally recommended procedures we will decontaminate the property, where necessary removing carpets and curtains. Air conditioning filters also require decontamination. Building showing extremely high readings may require other internal structures removed such as wall and ceiling linings and some painted surfaces may require stripping. We work with the property owner to ensure that excessive dumping of chattels is not undertaken and work hard to minimise chemical damage to the interior.

    Some of the by-products of meth production include chloroform, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and numerous other poisonous compounds.

    We provide an efficient and professional service to landlords and property managers. We aim to have the property back in a tenantable state as quickly as possible...
  • Purchasing a New Home?
    If you are purchasing a new property that you suspect may have been a meth lab you can pre-test for the presence of methamphetamines and the extent of the contamination before you purchase. Results are usually available within 10 days of testing.